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Preço Variável

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Aircraft Ground Crew Headset for use during aircraft pushback with the aircraft flight deck. During pushback and ground maintenance procedures, when high background noise makes clear communication hard. Pushback operations are dangerous. Clear communications are essentiel for the safety of the Ground Crew and safe movement of aircraft. The Noise Attenuating Aircraft Headset provides hearing protection. As a resuit giving clear communications with the flight deck. This is important during engine start and pushback. Wire Boom allows for microphone/boom placement on the right or left side. M-1/DC amplified dynamic noise cancelling microphone.

Momentary PTT(Push-to-Talk) switch on ear dome.

Soft head pad and ear seals guarantee exceptional comfort.

33 feet straight cord with(SC-267)Plug to mate with series extension cords.

Corrosion-proof,chrome plated headset/stirrup assembly.

Passive Noise Reduction Ratings(NRR):23dB.

Over-the-head Stainless Steel Adjustable Band 270 Degrees.

Rotatable Flexible Boom Microphone Soft Ear seal.

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