B737 Management Reference Guide Edition CL (3/4/500) – Full color


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B737 Management Reference Guide Edition CL (3/4/500) – Full color


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B737 Management Reference Guide (MRG) Edition CL (3/4/500) in full color

The B737 MRG pilot guide is written for professional airline and simulator pilots operating the Boeing 737. This pilot guide provides technical notes and management advise to handle over 300 non-normals. These notes are based on more than 20 years and over 20,000 hours line and simulator training experience and on feedback from many 737-drivers worldwide.

There are several excellent technical guides that describe 737 systems in depth, such as Bill Bulfer’s Cockpit Companion and Chris Brady’s Technical Guide, which we can recommend. The MRG is more of a practical guide that tries to go beyond… This guide :

  • explains conditions for all warning lights to illuminate
  • describes how to manage flight once a failure has occurred
  • proposes methods to solve or to work around the problem
  • alerts for potential subsequent (double) failures
  • contains many thumb-rules and tips-&-tricks
  • refers to FCOM, QRH, FCTM, DDG-MEL, JAR-FAR/FC

Today over 10,000 airline pilots worldwide carry a copy of the MRG, you are welcome to join them.

This edition covers: CL (3/4/500) in full color.

334 pages

ISBN 90-7833-304-9

Written by Captain Patrick Boone.

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