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The team at Just Flight present the Cargo Pilot add-on, which is available as an immediate download for Microsoft FSX and FS2004, and is compatible with both Acceleration and SP2.

You’re put in the role of a wannabe Cargo Pilot as you do your best to advance your career, working your way up from the bottom rung of the ladder. After paying your dues piloting single-engined props and transporting poultry from jungle strip to slightly different jungle strip, you can advance to piloting valuable cargo across the world in enormous jet freighters.

Before each flight, get a full briefing from the intelligent OPS program, including full route, fuel requirements and weather reports. Depending on the selected level of difficulty and your experience, weather conditions could range from peaceful blue skies to raging thunderstorms, thanks to a custom-built weather generator.

Pay close attention to how you fly too because Bertie, a customized black box that sits at the back of your aircraft, is all ways watching you and tracks your flight from moment to moment. You will receive reports on how you are performing regarding things like start time, way-point times and altitudes. All statistics are forwarded to Operations and will affect how quickly you progress through your career. As your experience grows, so will Bertie’s expectations of you.

Stress and wear on your aircraft is also logged; you need to make sure you keep enough money aside to be able to afford regular maintenance, in order to avoid affecting your safety record should any systems fail. It’s a nice feature that helps promote good practice.

Cargo Pilot allows you to create your own airline, and that airline name can then be applied to a pre-made custom livery so you can set yourself apart from everyone else. You can even choose where to set as your home base, before you begin expanding your enterprise. Buy multiple bases around the world and buy new and bigger aircraft, in order to increase the range of your operations, as you become an international player in the business.

Should you rather not use the default Cargo Pilot fleet, which consists of the default FS models, the brilliant aircraft importer allows you to import any other add-on aircraft you might have in your hangar, be it freeware or payware.

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