Clarity Aloft FLEX

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Clarity Aloft FLEX

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Headset by Clarity Aloft®

The Flex is our lightest model and the most customizable. Move the microphone from left to right, adjust the headband to perfectly fit your head, and fold it flat for storage. It’s TSO certified for commercial use and perfect in every other environment.


The Flex is the distillation of years of Clarity Aloft pilots’ feedback.  Adjustable, customizable, and ready for you to make it your own.  Experience our lightest, most compact headset yet.

Sound Clarity

The Flex benefits from the tested components that make Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets the choice for accurate communication.


Light and sleek, the Flex practically disappears when you put it on. The adjustable band can fit almost any head size and customization means you can wear it in practically any configuration.

Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing for the long haul with the secure fit and attenuation of the Comply™ canal tips. The best headset for hearing protection is the one you want to wear.


Clarity Aloft FLEX

Every headset you will ever wear relies on Passive Attenuation to protect your hearing.  Ours is the best.  Blocking outside noise, especially in the speech frequencies, allows you to lower the amount of sound entering the ear and save your hearing for the long term.

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